Hiking the North Sea trail

The North Sea trail is a project to promote sustainable tourism and cultural heritage, in several countries along the North Sea. In Hovden, the locals have cleared and marked 2,5 miles of hiking trails, as a part of the North Sea trail. The terrain is mostly easy to hike, and from Vemannsrøysa and Skorakinn, two of the mountaintops, you can see far into the North Sea, in good weather. Along the way you might catch a glimps of deers, eagles or sea otters. Outside Domba there is petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings), while Vemannsrøysa has a burail mound. Kvanhovden lighthouse is a breath taking place, with a special geology and dark cliffs which have been shapes by winterstorms from the North Sea, through centuries.

The trail takes you past all the small villages and farms, where people once settled. Today some of these places are used only as cottages and summer houses, while others have only ruins of prior buildings. Where ever you are in Hovden you will find stone walls. The soil is scarce, and poor in nutrients, and if one were to grow grass and potatoes, the plentyful rocks had to be removed. There was little or no woods, and stone therefore was used to build cellars, barns and boat houses.