Kvanhovden lighthouse

When you get to Kvanhovden the is nothing but sea between you and the Faroe islands. An amazing place in the summer sun, and a spectacular place in the raging winter storms.

East of Kvanhovden you find steeping hills and Skorakinn, the highest mountain on Hovden. In these hills there is a large cave, referred to as the Clay-cave by locals. People have sought refuge here in times of need and war.

The headland Kvanhovden can be reached by foot or by boat. The easiest route to Kvanhovden is following the road to Hovdevåg and continuing on foot from here. The ground is fairly flat and easy to walk. A more spectacular route is hiking over the mountains from Barekstad to Hovdevåg or Domba and continuing to Kvanhovden.

It is possible to spend the night in the lighthouse. For more information vivit the website Fjordkysten, or contact: kvanhovdenfyr@live.no or tone-57@hotmail.com

The lighthouse was established in 1895, and until it became automatic in 1980, the lighthouse had a keeper. For some time there were two family farms on Kvanhovden, one for the keeper of the lighthouse and one for his assistent.